Maintenance Services

GCI Turf offers full-service 12-month contract lawn maintenance services. If you have a need for any service dealing with your lawn, we can help you! Our lawn maintenance service will have your property standing out in your community.

Our List of Services

Weekly during the mowing season and as needed during the winter months. We use only Exmark mowers, which give a very high quality cut. All of our equipment is professionally maintained. We do sharpen mower blades weekly during the mowing season with a machine designed specifically for mower blades. This ensures the highest quality cut that you can receive.

Leaves are blown and not bagged because we feel this is better for the health of your turf. We are equipped with two box trucks with commercial leaf vacuums that enable us to remove leaves off site.

We do prefer selective (hand) pruning if at all possible. We prune the correct shrubs and the correct time of the year. All shrubs are pruned in a horticulturally correct manner, including Crepe Myrtles.

All weeds are controlled with pre and post emergent herbicides along with hand removal. Beds are edged on a bi-weekly basis to give crisp, clean lines.

All hard surfaced areas are edged with a blade type stick edger. This ensures a perfect straight line on all your sidewalks and driveway.

All of our maintenance lawns are treated with a custom 5 step program to maintain a weed-free, healthy lawn. We also offer a 5 step fungicide program during the summer months.

Lawns are aerated once a season during the fall. This allows your lawn to recover from the hard summer. Our seed is researched and hand picked each year to ensure the highest quality seed possible. We use the correct rates of seed during the aeration process. We will double or triple aerate your lawn to ensure great seed germination. We use slit seeders and an aeravator machine to provide great seed to soil contact. We also offer organic compost top dressing as a part of our seeding service at an additional cost.

Irrigation systems are monitored for leaks and coverage issues. We will also advise you of any changes that need to be made in the amount of water your lawn requires depending on the season.

We offer this service at an additional charge.

We will prep, install, and maintain your winter pansies and your summer annuals.