Standard Plan: 7 turf applications 


Standard Plus: 7 turf applications, aeration/seeding


Advanced Plan: 7 turf applications, 4 fungicides


Advanced Plus: 7 turf applications, 4 fungicides, aeration/seeding


Jan/Feb – Organic base soil amendment Nitrogen Pre-emergent weed control Iron
Mar/Apr – Organic base soil amendment Nitrogen slow release Pre-emergent weed control Post-emergent broad leaf weed control Iron
May/Jun – Organic base soil amendment Nitrogen slow release Iron Post-emergent broad leaf weed control spot spray
July/Aug – Organic base soil amendment Nitrogen slow release Iron Post-emergent broad leaf weed control spot spray
Custom blended “starter” fertilizer
Nov/Dec – Organic base soil amendment Heavy Nitrogen

Additional services: insecticide program

Fungicide application: fungicides can be applied to combat rhizoctonia brown patch (by request with recommendation) at the same cost as your standard application rate. We will let you know if fungus is present in your turf and will advise you. Organic base soil amendment is include in this application. This can be applied at a preventative rate once a month for 5 months during the summer.  


Compost topdressing: we are able to spread a light or heavy layer of organic compost over top of your grass seed. By doing this, you increase seed germination drastically. compost will keep the seed warm, retain moisture, and give you the seed to soil contact that is needed. 




Nitrogen : nutrient required by most turf species to grow and maintain color. Rates vary depending on the time of year. Excessive nitrogen is not applied for turf health reasons. 


Phosphorus : nutrient that promotes root development


Potash : nutrient that aids in stress and disease


Pre-emergent weed control : creates a barrier on the soil surface to prohibit weed seed germination. Abnormal amounts of rain or irrigation will break down pre-emergents early and may allow some weed breakthrough. Application timing is so that no pre-emergent is present at aeration and seeding so that it will not effect grass seed germination. 


Post-emergent weed control : targeted to kill visible broad leaf weeds in turf. This does not kill grassy type weeds. (Bermuda, Dallas grass, Johnson grass, goose grass, ect. ) eradication of grassy weeds can be done by request at an additional cost after its been discussed. 


Holganix : 100% human and pet safe. FDA edible. Product that allows us to use 75% less synthetic fertilizer and 50% less synthetic weed controls while improving soil conditions and overall plant health and keeping your family and pets safe. Adds microbial life to the soil, provides food for those microbes, and subsequently improves a plants’ ability to uptake nutrients. This product has beneficial living microbiological organisms, adding lots of valuable nutrients to the soil. Beneficial fungi that greatly improves root development in all plants, trees, shrubs and grass. Peat-based hummate that includes humic, fulvic and amino acids, these go a long way to improve the cat ion exchange and allows the plant to uptake nutrients and pesticides much more efficiently at lower rates. Soils and plants treated with hummates show fewer occurrences of fungus and disease. 


Fungicide : used to combat rhizoctonia brown patch. Brown patch is a weather related issue. Lots of rain combined with high humidity will allow the unsightly symptoms of brown patch to appear. Fungicides can be applied at a preventative or curative rate. We offer a summertime 5 step application schedule to you to insure that brown patch is not present. This is an additional cost. 


Blanket application : done with a hand held spray gun controlled by a technician. Entire yard is walked to ensure thorough coverage. Liquid product stimulates the stomata on each plant to encourage uptake of nutrients and weed controls. Can also be done with a motorized boom sprayer on large properties. 



We recommend you allow your turf to completely dry before you walk on it. 


Our recommendation is that you may cut your grass 24 hours after application and that you NOT bag your grass. By discharging or mulching your clippings, you add free nutrients to your soil. When you bag your grass you are taking away from the soil what we apply.